Attention: Entrepreneurs, small business owners, authors, speakers, coaches, consultants or any independent professional looking to promote yourself but having to deal with a limited budget, few resources and little time...

How to Claim Thousands of Dollars
In Sponsorship CASH
From BIG Brands With BIG Budgets

Find sponsors. Discover how to benefit from Power Alliances with corporations, large companies, associations, foundations, lobby groups and media to:

  • Pay for your marketing and promotion
  • Push your message to their customers & networks
  • Acquire resources and people to work for you
  • Explode your list building & prospect opportunities
  • Preserve your hard-earned cash & bank it
  • Win instant credibility and use it for a lifetime
  • Eliminate risk and chance in advertising

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Over 1/4 Million Dollars Worth of Advertising & Promotion And She
Got "Tired" of Being Chased
By Radio Producers

"Martin Wales was my teacher for learning how to solicit sponsors for a Radio Show when I realized in today's market for a self-published book, we have to get very creative about how we get our message out into the world.

His expertise, his class, and the interaction that was provided helped me to solicit a magazine as a sponsor for a radio show, after I wrote a book called "Treatable and Beatable: Healing Cancer Without Surgery."

click above to listen to Carolyn Gross

Not only did I get a magazine that was targeting breast cancer women to sponsor me for hosting their radio show, I also got coverage in the magazine with a column and full page ads for my book, as well as for the radio show. And Martin did the math and figured out that I got like a $250,000 premium as a result of finding this sponsor for my message, for my book and just for getting the word out to other people.

You know a lot of those who have missions to really educate and communicate practical strategies to people... we have to find these sponsors to pay the bills so we can get out there and continue to educate and inspire.

Martin is a great teacher! Also, because of being in his class, I got on the FRONT COVER of a magazine that went to radio show producers and finish Breast Cancer Awareness Month with so many radio shows from the state of Maryland to Hawaii that I actually got tired of those producers calling saying, "Would you be on the show?"

There's a lot to be said about having sponsors and working on the radio show but you have to be educated in order to be ready."

Carolyn Gross  -Treatable and

The best Power Alliance and Sponsorship for me began when the phone rang...

Holy $&@#{%!   THEY were calling ME!

It was

It was not a customer service call to ask if my software was working properly; not a survey about the next business application; not a rebate offer. None of these. It was ...

Microsoft wanting to pay $3,000 per hour, week after week, to promote me and my brand to a city of 4 million plus and links from their web sites to mine! PLUS, even get paid for my time to do it!

Dear Friend,

How long would you have to think about an offer like that? The world’s most recognized brand calling to gift you with about $45,000 to spend on your own exposure, marketing, media and promotion.

This was a marketing campaign I never could have afforded myself, although I was totally wanting to do it and eagerly said "Yes!" to their offer and opportunity. I'll cover more of the details and exactly what the program was in a second.

But first, let me tell you a bit about how this came to happen and about my situation. You may find some similarities, especially if you’re entrepreneurial by nature.  You see...

I’m an independent marketing coach and consultant, working out of my home. About 18 years ago, I started my life as a high school teacher of geography and science. I left teaching after being bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. I had experience, on the side, with direct selling of several products and had also sold and facilitated video-based training.

I knew I could make waaaaay more money working for myself than giving my life to a school board for 25 years and hoping my pension could support me in old age. The ONLY way to get the prosperity, wealth and freedom I desired was through my own enterprise and spirit.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know that I’ve faced challenges and obstacles to success and profit just like you might today. Anyone can do what I have done without any experience, special skills or years of formal education.

That's why I've developed a special course called Sponsorship Secrets, so you can experience how life changing this can be too!

I’m not an executive heading up an army of staff. There is no six or seven-figure marketing budget. I have no formal marketing training or education other than what I’ve learned over the past 15 yrs as an independent professional.

And yet...

I’ve had several major corporations, who anyone would recognize, sponsor or support me, through what you might also label as "Power Alliances."

Now, I’m going to share my Sponsorship Secrets publicly for the first time. Previously, only my high paying clients and the participants inside my Radio Show Mentoring Program have been exposed to this sensational money maker as a bonus. Here's what one of those participants had to say about her results.

Discover A Wealth of Insider Information

"I took Martin's Sponsorships Secrets class and I was completely blown away.  He gave a wealth of information during this class.

Already I've put it into practice. I was able to use the Sponsorship Secret Document to craft my own agreement and contract with one of my sponsors.  

And, it really just gave me a lot of insider information, things I hadn't thought about...

click above to listen to Kerri Silverstock

things I really needed to know to move forward  in approaching sponsorships in my business. I want to thank Martin again for a fabulous class and I look forward to more."

Kerri Silverstock  - Girls With

Sponsorship Increases Your Marketing Ability

Sponsorship requires you to be creative and lateral in your thinking. It’s most commonly thought of as purely having others pay cash for your marketing and even buy your products too – but there are much more lucrative ways to leverage it for unlimited profits over a longer time.

Sponsorship is the support, financial and otherwise, of your live events, media broadcasts, and production for your marketing and promotion.

Sponsors are the organizations or individuals that fund and recommend you and your information for their own benefit and profit. (Tip: Don’t ever lose focus on THEIR interest when discussing funding for your projects, ideas and events.)

Having sponsors is helpful for any marketing activity or event. Without a doubt, it's perfect for a live event or a radio show or podcast online, but don’t stop there.

It works if you’re a retailer having a closed-door, customer appreciation party; an author on a book signing tour; an independent professional, like a realtor or accountant, presenting local seminars; or a speaker/trainer selling back-of-room products. For almost anything, there are potential sponsors you can engage.

Sponsorship is common in the non-profit arena. If you want to speak on the high school or college circuit to promote special interests, sponsors love it. Nike and other sports gear companies frequently support health, wellness and physical fitness presentations in many communities. Mental Health Associations and Public Health Departments are other sources of capital.

Organizations, both non-profits and for-profits, have marked funds in their budgets to be spent on subjects and experts, just like you, to share knowledge, skills and positive messages.

How Much ‘FREE’ Money Can You Handle?

That is exactly what the Microsoft sponsorship was in my mind – Free Money! Bottom line is they paid over $40,000 to sponsor a series of business talk shows, on traditional radio, broadcasting to a city of more than 4.5 million people. The show was called Your Business on Toronto’s Talk 640AM.

They covered the cost of a full hour of air time, in addition to 20 to 30 radio ads, each and every week. My voice and my brand were used for the Voice Over to invite listeners to join us.


Want FREE Radio Ads and Branding For You and Your Business?

“Hi! This is Martin Wales, The Customer Catcher. Join me every Saturday at 2 p.m., right here on AM640, Toronto Radio for Your Business. The show that focuses on the day to day operation of your small or mid-size enterprise.

click above to listen to
Martin Wales

Listen for our insightful guests, How To Tips, and suggestions on how to grow your business and so much more. Call in with your questions for our experts. That’s Your Business, every Saturday at 2 p.m., brought to you by Microsoft Canada and Enterprise Magazine. Don’t miss it!”

Radio Commercial played a minimum of 20 times per week
Martin Wales, Customer Catcher Branded Voice Over  

Think about it. What would it mean to your business if you could have a leading company in your industry or niche recommend and refer you to their entire customer base? Can you imagine how much more credibility (and celebrity) you could gain in the eyes of your prospects?

Sponsorships are successful in many areas outside of radio, where my focus happened to be. I just got ‘traction’ there and one thing lead to another. Power Alliances can be applied in any industry.

Sponsorships work anywhere there is marketing going on.

Anywhere you’re targeting a similar demographic, and anywhere people are gathered. (There’s a list of lead generation activities and opportunities below.)

How can Sponsorship Secrets work for you?

Big Brands Bring You Bigger Business

Another example of using OPM (Other People’s Money) had Entrepreneur Magazine supporting an Internet Radio show I produced and hosted, called The Entrepreneur Magazine eBiz Show. (Visit for more on the benefits of Internet Radio in your marketing mix.)

It was hosted on wsRadio, the Worldwide Leader in Internet Talk, and home to eBay Radio and other Entrepreneur® shows.

Click the Play arrow below to hear a brief sample clip.  Listen for the powerful credibility you can create for yourself and how you can promote your personal brand while working with recognized, global brand sponsors.

Entrepreneur lent their name to the station for the show, obviously. What HUGE brand equity is that working under the world’s leading brand and provider of content and media to the small business and entrepreneurial communities?

Since that time I’ve gone on to guest on and now become the Executive Producer of PayPal Radio. You know...PayPal? The world’s #1 online ecommerce and payment solution.  Here's a quick clip of the show's intro to give you a sense of the power of association and branding that comes with Sponsorship:

Are you starting to see a trend here, how one thing can lead to more and the power of associating yourself with recognized market leaders?

Naturally, sponsorship works outside radio too. The largest Chamber of Commerce with over 7,000 business members, where I live, paid for 2-minute network television spots for me.

Besides the expensive TV time, the entire cost of all the graphics, post production & editing, staff and camera people, studio and onsite shoots were covered too. Better still, the video content is still used today for online video marketing at You can repurpose your sponsored content for other projects.

Do your sponsors have to be “uber” worldwide brands?

Not at all. Any company with a larger budget and customer base than you have is a good candidate to approach. For instance, a less well-known, software publisher wrote a sponsorship check for $10,000.  They paid for just thirteen, 1-hr interviews to be podcast online. By comparison, their revenues are very small compared to public companies like PayPal and Microsoft.

Wouldn't it be worthwhile to take all benefits and opportunities you can from creating your own Power Alliances? How many of your marketing expenses do you want to have subsidized, reduced or completely eliminated?

No One Else Is Talking About It...
One of MY Secret Weapons

click above to listen to
Ken McCarthy

I want to let people know that Martin Wales is one of the people that I go to when I'm looking for advice on how to use traditional media and the work that Martin's been doing for years now, especially with his new Sponsorship Program, is super!

Anybody that's involved in internet marketing, or who owns a business, or who wants to own a business, should really familiarize themselves with what he's doing because no one else is talking about it. And, it's been one of my Secret Weapons for many, many years."

Ken McCarthy - Founder, The System Seminars

The Sponsorship Secrets program takes you by the hand and reveals step-by-step exactly what to do and how. Why wait?

I Want My Radio Talk Show Host Training Intensive

13 Sponsorship Secrets For Your Success

Here's a list of ways you can get more customers and grow your business exponentially using this strategic approach.  Each of these is covered in more detail and depth, as part of Sponsorship Secrets.  They include:

1) How to Benefit From OPM

Doesn’t it make sense to source outside money to promote yourself? Sponsorship Secrets reveals ways to use Other People’s Money (OPM) and have them write the checks for you marketing activities and sales communications.

2) How Sponsorship Brings You CASH

Creating content is one of the best and fastest ways to get sponsorship cash for marketing information you’re generating anyway!

Life Long Dream Realized With
$10,000 in Sponsorship Commitments

Rick Butts
click above to listen to
Rick Butts

"Martin Wales has opened a whole new way of doing business for me with Sponsorship Secrets. Because of this course, I am able to make a life long dream come true NOW instead of years later.

I picked up the phone today and called people in my niche, already got $10,000 in MONTHLY sponsorship commitments for the launch of my new radio show!"

Rick Butts - Marketing Consultant & Coach, Rick

3) Why Sponsorship SAVES Your Money

If you’re getting OPM, you conserve your cash flow, keep it in your pockets and utilize those funds for other marketing or business growth activities.

4) How Sponsorship Gives You INSTANT Credibility

I mean instant. It’s credibility that lasts a lifetime too. Let me repeat – it’s instant and lifetime credibility.  As the former host of The Entrepreneur Magazine E-Biz Show, for example, I used to have to do a live show every week at three o’clock on Friday, for years. The beauty of it today? I’m not doing it anymore!

5) How Sponsorship Reduces RISK

IF you’re using OPM, then it’s not coming out of your cash flow, your bank account and, especially, not your credit line. This means reducing or even eliminating risk for you. Typically when buying advertising, or renting hotel conference rooms, you commit to an investment and have to sign a contract. You pay even if the marketing activity or program fails to achieve your desired results.

6) How Sponsorship Gets You Extended EXPOSURE

Extended exposure is especially useful and profitable for you through your Internet marketing. You gain extended exposure because sponsors leave content up online for indefinite periods of time. Sometimes it’s years – especially with larger corporations.

My Microsoft sponsorship was for a traditional broadcast radio show BUT it was then podcast after the live show was aired. The audio recordings were uploaded to the web and remain there today, even though the show is no longer produced and off the air

7) What You Can Do To Make Sponsorships Grow

If you have a large sponsor, they have many different venues where they can expose you in their community at no additional cost usually, to their existing subscribers or clients.

8) How Sponsorship Provides OFFLINE Opportunities For ONLINE Traffic

If you find offline sponsors that have large pools of customers, then you can have them help you drive offline customers to view your online marketing. Online methods don’t cost as much money to provide and are trackable and measurable. This lets you test promotions, copy and offers which you can then adjust for maximum improvements.

9) How To Use Sponsorship To Create Powerful Relationships

Profitable relationships are built through Power Alliances. They lead to being booked to speak at seminars, being invited to conferences and trade shows.

10) How You Apply Sponsorships To Increase Your SALES

With the right sponsors promoting their association with you, significant increases in your sales are possible. Sponsors are natural referral sources. They have an existing, trusting relationship where they’ve invested time and effort to build them.

Their clients are responsive to additional recommended products and services. These referrals are the best buyers and have fewer objections to offers or price from recommended suppliers like you.

11) How To Use Sponsorship To Increase TRUST

Just by having the logos of your sponsors on your site, gives you increased credibility and, therefore, increased trust. Increased trust leads to increased sales.

12) What Sponsorships Increase & Attract CELEBRITIES

When we were doing Microsoft’s Your Business, I could book celebrity guests, industry insiders and ‘gurus’ or centers of influence because they would hear and focus on Microsoft. “We’d like to interview you on Microsoft’s Your Business.”

When you have a key sponsor you can fairly present it as ‘their’ show. It’s Microsoft’s Your Business Radio Show. It’s not Martin Wales’ Your Business Show. Martin is merely the host; he’s just the talking head. This is Microsoft’s baby; this is a Microsoft initiative. And, it was.

Just by leveraging the credibility of your sponsors and the recognition that they already have, you become known and you gain access to those celebrity guests.

13) How You Can Attract MORE SPONSORS

Finally, Sponsorship has momentum. By having sponsors you attract more sponsors.

Once you have one company’s logo associated with you, others say, “Maybe this is something we should look into, if our competitors or associates are already sponsors.” You definitely want to take advantage of this 'me-too' competitive appeal.

Reduce or Eliminate Your Marketing Costs

Use Power Alliances and Sponsorships to subsidize or pay for all of your marketing costs.  Use OPM for any of the following events or activities to get customers and clients today.

  • Seminars & Conferences
  • Training Sessions
  • Teleconferences and Teleseminars
  • Network and Cable Television
  • Broadcast and Satellite Radio
  • Coop Advertising Programs
  • Internet Video
  • Internet Radio and Podcasting
  • Book Promotion Tours
  • School and College Speaking Programs
  • Retail Events – Closed Door Sales, Customer Appreciation Events

If you want to use any of these to increase your cash flow, then I recommend you get the road map (and a few shortcuts) from Sponsorship Secrets, right now.

I Want My Radio Talk Show Host Training Intensive

Who Are Sponsorship Dollars Good For?

If you’ve been searching for ways to promote you and your business then you need to take a serious look at using sponsorships to reach more people faster and with more effectiveness.

If you’re a manufacturer, you can move beyond traditional co-op programs that are subsidies of your existing advertising and marketing costs. There is still risk involved in putting in your own money at that big industry conference every year, where your competitors watch your every move.

If you’re a retailer, you can find more ways and partners to help you bring traffic to your store and all your locations. Discover additional reasons to have others pay for your events, sales and promotions.

If you’re an author, speaker, coach or consultant, you can attract more clients with creative and education-based marketing that your prospects find both interesting and helpful. Plus, you now have a way to approach your prospects without any cold calling or hard selling and closing.

If you’re an internet marketer, why not work with additional means to drive traffic and build your lists besides trading email databases? Approach offline companies with money and customer bases. Plus, brand name companies are often searched first online in search engines, like Google, not to mention the ability you might have to leverage their page rank. In the past, my own personal sites have been only 2 links off of eBay’s home page, what I lovingly refer to as '2nd cousins' online.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, the individuals and companies you resell and recommend online would be quite willing to try new, alternative approaches besides just using the same email templates and banners than everyone else uses for the same programs.

Don't Miss This Opportunity

"I can't thank Martin Wales enough for helping  expand the growth of new listeners for the Happy Wednesday broadcast.  His encouragement, knowledge of marketing and sponsorship is phenomenal.

Don't miss an opportunity to
work with Martin

click above to listen to
Joani Winberg

Joani Winberg  - Happy

Learn and Gain Complete Access

If you like what you've read so far, you're going to love all the tactics, tips and strategies shared inside the Sponsorship Secrets training.

Get a head start and competitive advantage over others going after the finite supply of budgets.  Win favors and funding from recognized brands with deeper pockets than you! Sign up now and you get all this and more...

  • Tips and tactics that have been used to close Big Brands...
  • Tricks of the trade to keep Power Alliances going longer...
  • Tools to get you going FAST...
  • What to do if everything doesn’t go quite as planned...
  • Methods for getting your own FREE radio show...
  • How to find and choose Sponsors to best serve you...
  • Sponsorship concepts and winning formats...
  • How to negotiate without having to know it all...
  • How to start Power Alliances from your home or office...
  • How and where to find Sponsors quickly and easily (everywhere!!!)...
  • How to get recognized brands from outside your industry or niche...
  • How to win corporate sponsorships that give you maximum leverage and benefit over and over again...
  • How to multiply your revenues and add alternative sources to your income via Power Alliances...
  • How to turn your "Sponsored Content" into a timeless, consistent, passive, revenue generating machines that makes money while you do what YOU want with your free time...

Here are the Program Details...
Behind The Scenes of Power Alliances That Pay You

The Sponsorship Secrets program includes real world scenarios and case studies. Use them to win your own big-dollar sponsorships. Using multi-media platforms, we show you step-by-step methods to design your own blueprint to attract money, resources, exposure, recognition and access, including:

A) The Complete, Jam Packed, 2 hr. Intensive Session

This content rich, Sponsorship Secrets training covers the big picture and reveals detailed explanations of the mindset, approach, tools and strategies you must have to get OPM.  Succeed as quickly as possible and then repeat the formula again. 

This special event was digitally recorded for you to hear at your own convenience and as many times as you wish. Once registered, you get your password and username to access the complete audio training system audio archive.

Any and all audio options are available to you! You can listen anytime, anywhere on any computer with a browser, burn the content to a CD, or download it to your iPod or any mp3 player to “learn on the run” (or drive).

B) Live, Open Call  -Your Special Invitation

You'll receive a direct invitation to attend a live teleconference with me, Martin,  and all our Sponsorship Secrets participants.  Scheduled for a minimum of 90 minutes, you'll hear the latest developments, trends and advances.  You'll also have the opportunity to ask your immediate, burning questions, and share experiences and solutions with like-minded entrepreneurs.

C) 17 Money Making Sponsorship Formats Checklist

Did you know that you can simultaneously sell the same event or time to multiple sponsors? This checklist is the most potent and profitable tool for achieving maximum leverage and earning the highest income possible with Power Alliances.

D) Real Life Case Studies of small business owners, entrepreneurs, authors and home-preneurs that have successfully won deals with sponsors to accelerate their sales, marketing and business growth. Find out how they did it, so you can too!

Sponsors Are Looking For You

Right now, there are companies searching for people just like you. They want to find individuals and products or services that complement the goals and objectives they have in their own marketing plans.

They bring in authors, speakers, coaches and consultants for opinion and content, but what they really seek is a reason to communicate with their customers again and again. Frequency is the key to hold their loyalty and to stay top of mind.

Create WIN WIN Relationships With Major
Companies And Negotiate The Best Deals

Send Out Cards Distributor
click above to listen to
Kristie Tamsevicius

When I was approached the other day by a really major company that wanted to do a Partnership with me, it really blew me away. I didn't even know how to begin to approach it.

Here I am, an entrepreneur doing my thing in my living room, but I had no idea how to talk to these big companies and put together a deal that would be appealing and professional.

And, when I was asking around about who could help me with this, one name came to mind and that was Martin Wales.

Martin was fantastic about really breaking down, what would be in the deal for me, what would be in the deal for the big company and how to put it together in a way that would be both appealing to them and
a win-win situation for both of us.

Thank you so much Martin, I really appreciate your generosity, your insight and you were just so helpful at the time that I needed it most. Thank you very much!

Kristie Tamsevicius -Gurnee, Illinois

This Course Costs a Lot Less
Than The Value You'll Receive

If you're wondering, "What's your investment for this program?" I’m glad you asked. It’s the best news yet.

You see creating the right strategy and attracting the best sponsors has helped my clients collect anywhere from $500 to $25,000 on the low end and as much as $200,000 to even $1 million in free, extended exposure and promotion.

Once you have big brand sponsors that’s a claim and accomplishment that no one can ever take away from you. It’s a priceless asset you’ll have for the rest of your life. You quickly find that doors previously closed to you suddenly spring open and bring a flood of paid or promotional opportunities, and much more.

Therefore, to be fair, we had to think seriously about what would be a fair price to offer such invaluable information...$10,000? Maybe...$ 5000? Maybe more when you consider the potential for lifetime returns...but since we understand what it's like to start out in any new arena, we wanted to make this accessible.

We thought seriously about charging the $10,000.00 for the program. That would be a fair price, considering our students have already banked hundreds of thousands in cash or benefits.  But, I want to give as many people as I can access, regardless of their situation. I really want to help typical entrepreneurs, business owners or individual professionals on a tight budget.

You heard my personal story. I remember what it was like only a few years ago when I was still unknown trying to cost-effectively promote myself and my company. By teaching a lot of the information via teleseminar, we’re able to use our time more productively and bring the cost down considerably. Now, you have complete access to the digitally recorded audio, professional transcripts, complete class notes, bonus interviews, and time-saving pre-written documents too.

Just by itself, the copy of the Sponsorship Letter of Agreement,that earned an immediate $10,000 check, is worth $1,000 -- and that would be a bargain! It’s proven copy and a marketing formula that you can use again and again. I have to admit that I’ve unwillingly shared it in the past for a mere $997.  That's almost shameful, considering many coaches and mentors yell at me to charge more.

If you were to get similar Sponsorship guidance from me via consulting time you’d pay a lot more.  Currently for a single hour, my personal rates range from $700 for Blue Chip companies to a minimum of $350 per hour, for loyal clients and friends.

You Are Fully Protected By My Risk Free 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee!

I want you to be 100% satisfied with the program and I’m completely confident you will be.

Let me remove all doubts for you with this more-than-fair, rock solid Guarantee....

Order today to get immediate access to the program, and review it, absorb it and apply it for a whole month. If you are not thoroughly convinced that it's worth every single penny you invested, then let us know,  and we’ll refund 100% of your money immediately!

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Attract all the money and resources you need to share your message, profit more, and experience the prosperity you seek today – whether it’s with the biggest brands on the planet or companies that just have healthy budgets to promote you (for their own reasons) and help you reach all your marketing goals.

Enroll Now and You’ll Also Receive Unique and Valuable Bonus Gifts FREE

Bonus 1 -THE Sponsorship Secrets Agreement: Grab an exact copy of my successful $10,000 Sponsorship program for your own use ($2,500 List Price) This one Bonus alone makes this offer a "NO Brainer" call for you...
This agreement is without-a-doubt worth the $10,000 it pulled in the 1st time (because you can use the same template, over and over!) What are sponsors looking for and how can you negotiate big dollar, longer term contracts? This is an identical copy of the actual sponsorship contract (really a marketing masterpiece) worth thousands of dollars in itself!

Get your hands on this today and you’ll possess the secrets of signing a Big Brand with a Big Budget!  Why not associate with brand names and let them pay for your marketing and promotions? Why not use OPM – other people’s money?

Bonus 2 30-Minute Personal 1-on-1 Consultation with Me ($350.00 Value). Use this coaching call with me to help you get started, perfect your strategic approach, polish your marketing materials, position yourself to entice the best Sponsors, and to address any personal or unique situations in your industry or niche. Get personalized help to devise a game plan for your specific goals and point you in the direction to collect funds fast! (If you need additional one-on-one time, you even get a 50%discount off regular consulting fees. We want to help you succeed!)

Bonus 3 - Complete Professionally Produced Transcript ($800 value) You receive word-for-word PDFs of the professionally transcribed documents. Don’t worry if you happen to miss a critical point or script – we’ve got you covered. And, it’s perfect for reviewing and getting those superb tips and techniques that fly by in a fast-paced, content rich program like this one.

Bonus 4 - Certificate - Critique of Your Sponsorship Strategy and Marketing ($1200 value) This entitles you to email or fax in your documents for a full review and critique by me. Avoid pitfalls and common errors made by rookies chasing sponsors and alliance partners  for money. You may not get a second chance. This improves and supports your efforts in signing a Sponsor. Leverage my experience and success for your own benefit today!

Bonus 5 - We Sponsor YOU with our company’s resources and staff! (Priceless!) This promotion is the jewel in the crown of our Bonus Offers. As a participant in the Sponsorship Secrets Training Program, when you’re ready, we will sponsor you! You get promoted on a high traffic site that gets over 12 Million hits and close to 400,000 unique visitors per month, and grows about 1,200 new subscribers a day too!

BUT...   Only for the first 12 that take action first. Why? Because I want to sell to only the most eager who are going to immediately apply and cash in on what I share with you! Plus there are only so many spots we have in any given year so our production schedule fill ups fast.

Through my own personal network and access, I’d be willing to introduce and promote you to our web communities of about 500,000 subscribers who constantly seek out exciting, entertaining and informative content.

This Last LIMITED Bonus alone guarantees your first sponsorship deal! We have over 12 million hits and over 367,000 page views per month and 1,200 new subscribers every day!  Enroll in Sponsorship Secrets now – if you want us to be one of your sponsors to offer and promote you to our customers and clients. You've missed out on all the "Free Money" out there so far... until today. Take action now.

 Discover How to Get OPM In
Your Hands

"Sponsorship Secrets"
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I look forward to helping you get a fast start to put sponsors' cash to work for you and developing Power Alliances that open up a hundred other doors for you!

There are corporations, associations and other groups with the will, the means and the money to sponsor and share your message with many others and assist you in reaching all your marketing goals today. Sign up now to claim your Sponsorship Secrets Training Program and your complimentary bonuses worth over $4,500.

Wishing you much success,

Martin Wales

P.S. – Remember, the live call will be held in mid-November and there are only a limited number of spots for Bonus #5. I apologize in advance, if you're not one of the first 12 who get my company's sponsorship offer but you've been warned. So, click here now to reserve your spot.

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I Want My Radio Talk Show Host Training Intensive

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